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Conscious Breathing 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Review and practice - Healing our emotional body - the road to awakening and expansion of our consciousness, of our understanding.
Healing your body, and your mind. Reduce stress, anxiety, and start healing the physical body.
Interesting enough Heart Math Institute is using breathwork as a method to centering in the heart. Based on my experience I believe that our exercises are even more powerful. 

Space still available. Please contact MICHELLE PACHECO via email 

Statement from a new participant

" I just wanted to say a special THANK YOU for one of the most profound workshops of my life. As you said, it WAS nice to see you and the other group members again.In all honesty, the Conscious Breathing part was the most life changing part of the weekend but that in no way should take away from many of the other parts of the workshop as they easily would have claimed that title if the conscious breathing were not included by you." - Lou

                                  PAST EVENTS

Dear friends,

As you are preparing for the holiday season, I would like to invite you to the last weekend of intense work for 2014. I want to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season, full of love, and joy, close to all those that are dear to you, in person or in spirit. 

To those of you that emailed or called to meet and talk … This is the opportunity!!! Time is short as we know it, but this is the best time to meet, work together, and answer all your questions.

I would like to offer you this coming weekend the opportunity to make healthy positive changes in your life, to understand how you can better help those that need your help, to feel better, to have more energy in your work, better sleep, a better life all around.

 I encourage you to make this gift to yourself during this holiday season and join us this weekend !!!   

 December 13th 

 Breathing - Energize and Relax, Meditate on the power of breath
 When - 11:00AM - 5:30PM

December 14th

Meditate - Use the Power of Imagery (Heart and Dream Imagery) Healing, create order out of chaos, bring light to your body, understand the dreaming state, and remember the power of creation.
When - 11:00AM - 5:30PM 

Contact me for further details and Location. 

Cost : $111/ day or $175/ both days

In One Spirit.
Michelle Pacheco
T - 917-783-6547

                                                             Breathing Techniques
Many of you already worked with me or my dear teacher Dan Brule and know the power of the breathwork. It is now medically proven that breathing techniques can change your life and reverse different medical conditions.

Just this morning I was listening to a doctor talking about the power of breathing techniques to improve the function of the liver and pancreas, increasing the Insulin Growth Factor that is responsible for healing a Diabetic condition… But the benefits of breathing are far much greater. 
All participants will receive as a gift for the holidays
Article that fully describes the benefits of breathing consciously and how we can apply in short sessions through the day these simple techniques to change your life.

                                                       Power of Imagery & Meditation 
                                                (Heart and Dream Imagery)
This weekend we will also experiment the Power of Meditation of the Heart through Imagery exercises. This is also a very profound healing and transformational technique.

As a student of Dr. Catherine Shainberg and Claudette Melchizedek, I have learned these techniques and I am applying them with great success in my workshops and my individual healing sessions. Extremely useful in healing emotional trauma  
A powerful workshop of inner discovery, healing, and changing.
Images are created by our right brain at all times. The dialog between observing brain and the part that is being infused with consciousness. This awareness is giving us more “light” and is taking us on the “road” to a higher awareness, on a transformational process, giving us more  light. What is the light? How to use the power of intention and images?

Dreaming is important, but not to be perverted by the revelatory dreaming. Night dream, is repetitive. Learn how to create a dialogue and resolve the night dream. We can go back into the dream and take action... HOW much fun this can be …

All participants will receive as a gift for the holidays
Heart Imagery Techniques and Tips for reducing stress, anxiety, finding peace & harmony in your life  
An opportunity to try this for the first time or for those that want to take breathwork to a deeper understanding and practice. 
An opportunity to explore the power of Meditation and Heart Imagery based on ancient techniques of healing and bringing everything you need in your life. 

     Some of the benefits of breathing techniques
     1.    Give you more energy and less stress
2.  Help with asthma symptoms
3.  Strengthen the immune system
4.  Reduce high blood pressure
5.  Reduce cardiovascular risk
6.  Reduce anxiety and depression
7.  Improve regulation of sugar levels in diabetics
8.  Prevent neurological and circulatory issues linked to this disease
9.  Help with weight loss and improve digestion
10. Improve recovery following exercise or exertion
11. Improve concentration and memory
12. Reduce attention deficit and hyperactivity
13. Relieve headaches, migraine, back pain, sciatica, and neuralgia

     Some of the Meditation and Heart Imagery 
1.      Imagery Techniques for reducing stress, anxiety, finding peace & harmony in your life.  
2.     Create movement and energy in your life
3.     Heal and reverse physical condition, increase immunity, expand awareness
4.     Increase vibration and light within your system
5.     Understand the process of renewal of our body at all levels. Every 7- 8 years all the cells of our body regenerate completely. What stops us to reach immortality?
6.     The reversing process.
7.     Healing Emotional trauma

PS – All participants will receive as a gift for the holidays

1 -   Article that fully describes the benefits of breathing consciously and how we can apply in short sessions through the day these simple techniques to change your life
2 – Heart Imagery Techniques for reducing stress, anxiety, finding peace & harmony in your life  

Love and light to all

"Breathing is always totally harmless but the human mind is not. Unconscious emotions are the most dangerous things. When they become conscious we can begin to deal with them." Leonard Orr

Presented by Michelle Pacheco 
Certified Breathworker

DECEMBER 6 , 2014 

TIME               - 11AM - 6 PM 
DONATION    - $111 / Registration and Payment before December 2nd 
                            (pay on this page by PayPal)
CONTACT      - Email: / Tel - 917-783-6547

Two Core Techniques of Breathwork as taught by Dan Brule and Introduction to Spiritual Breathing

There are two basic aspects of the Breathwork practice
·         Breath Awareness
·         Conscious Breathing   

In this process we will focus on Two Core Exercises
·         The Coming Home Breath
·         Continuous Breathing 

The “Coming Home Breath” is also called the “Cleansing Breath” which is an exaggerated sigh of relief. Conscious Breathing is spinning your breath like a while. Round and round, and round …

Cleansing Breath takes you into a full inhale with a quick release on the exhale. Just like fully blowing up a balloon and let it go naturally. Continuous breathing means there are no pauses between the breaths, as the inhale is connected to the exhale and the exhale is connected to the inhale.
Cleansing breath just as the yawn is a natural way of cleansing of something we call the natural, automatic response of our body to change and cleanse what is not needed anymore in our emotional, energetic, physical or psychological body.

Moving through pain, emotions, thoughts, visions of connecting to spiritual realms, it is all possible during this process.
As Dan says” The Coming Home Breath, the sigh of relief is nothing else but to return to a natural state of ease and grace….I know this sounds simple: but that’s because it is!  The simplest things are always the most powerful…

A special note…

As you breathe, notice how you feel when you bring with your intention the breath from outside – inside and then back outside with no pause and then in a reverse way you bring the breath from inside into the outside without a pause … DO YOU FEEL A DIFFERENCE.

When Dan Brule, my trainer and dear teacher taught me this breath I understood it with my mind, but when I started to practice a whole new world opened up to me. I understood what he meant when he said the breath is ALIVE and that Breath has its own consciousness. We are interconnected to everything in existence through our breath. We are energy at work and the Conscious Breathing is teaching us the infinite potential we all have to expand our consciousness.

We need to bring this breath in our day to day life. To practice and remember a simple way to heal and expand our consciousness. Becoming more and more aware of everything we are is a gift on the path of remembering who we are and the power within each one of us.

On an immediate physical level these simple breathing techniques help us release or prevent stress, anxiety, insomnia, focus much better, quiet the mind, heal and energize our body.

These techniques are very simple and yet hard to master. We need to fight the learned patterns and programs of our mind, but once they become a daily habit we are on the winning side. Once learned, remembered and practiced these skills will open the door to unlimited human potential on the road to higher consciousness and of course healing at all levels.

These techniques can support any other methods of healing. However, if you have any concerns you may want to discuss this with your health provider prior to a group or private session.

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