Romania - Bucegi Mountains Aug 2012

Beautiful Spirits of the Universe,

I am honored to be a teacher of the School of Remembering of Drunvalo Melchizedek  and I can’t tell you how happy I am in my heart that I am able to do this work as a Certified Teacher and see so many people transformed by this work.

It is not my workhop, but Drunvalo’s, however the fact I can deliver his teaching to YOU, makes me very proud and happy. As a humble messenger of  Drunvalo and his work I want to thank you for giving me a chance to bring this work from my heart to yours.

I am sending love, light and eternal peace to all of you that participated to my workshops and to those that will follow.

 New York Workshop Sept 27
Skopje - Macedonia Sept 13

Leiria - Portugal April 2013


  1. Amazing workshop. In a few days we experienced different cleaning techniques from eastern and western origin, practiced in a groups, with friendly relations between the participants, lovely atmosphere and have got interesting new knowledge.
    On the last day came the main and unique meditation technique: entering into the heart and programming the wanted reality. I recommend these meditations especially for the people who have difficulties to enter into their heart, especially because they are guided by the meditative and divine voice of Mrs Pacheko, who has an extraordinary ability and natural gift to quid people to enter into heart meditation!
    This workshop is worthy to attend and you must afford to experience it.
    Sashko, Macedonia

  2. The ATIH workshop with Mihaela was a blessing for me. The keys that are revealed for your conciousness in these teachings are so empowering and enlightening, its beyond anything I have experienced before. Its a glimpse into a harmonious earth, the oneness with life and being true to your self on all levels. The trauma that I had stored away deep within surfaced during the meditations, things that have been holding me back have been released and healed tremendously.
    Mihaela has such an angelic voice and her subtle nature have convinced my stubborn conciousness to really let go of the normal way I'm used to percieving the world and move down into the heart's sacred space.
    I have felt the presence of angels and higher dimensional beings in the room with us during the process. I have felt how they were doing work on me as I was journeying deep. It was amazing!!
    The group has been marvelous, the support and unconditional love that we shared was really uplifting.
    If every single person on earth would attend these workshops, the world would be a million years into the future. There is nothing like this. Applying this knowledge and practicing it regularly as I navigate through life opened up many doorways for me and took me much higher than I was before.
    Dennis, NY

  3. My name is Irina Marinescu. I am Romanian. I design clothes under my own label.
    I have a PR in NY. Ever since I've met her she has been doing so much more than doing my PR. Corinna knew I have been struggling with this really bad period in my life, for over an year, when she took the workshop.
    She emailed me one day and told me this : I want you to take this workshop! This is life changing! "
    Before that, I had always been opened. I have always believed in higher things, in greater spirits. I had always felt like there was something I had to do, and that there was something inside me that needed to be unlocked.
    I was quite excited about it, but when I heard it was 4 days, I kind of panicked and tried to find excuses. Wrote Corinna an email telling her I didn't know if I was able to do it. I received an email to answer my excuses : "You are going! I don't care how much work you have to do! This will bring you so much more! "
    Never before had she been more demanding, so I just did. I planned all things and went to the workshop.
    I didn't know what exactly to expect but I was 100% open. I was looking for something, I was searching, trying to regain my beliefs, my faith in life, in myself, trying to regain my spiritual strength.
    I didn't feel scared those 4 days. I felt peacefulness. I hadn't had that feeling for a long time!
    After those days, things totally changed. I discovered a new me. I started discovering things about me I never knew existed.
    Don't imagine you will become Mary Poppins a minute after that, but you might after a while. You will discover yourself in so many great ways. You will see how things change around you, how you stop getting angry for every little thing, you will discover your powers and your true self!
    I can't be thankful enough for having taken the workshop.
    4 days is nothing comparing to a lifetime!
    Thank you, Corinna and Michelle!
    All my love to you!
    From: Irina Marinescu - Bucharest, Romania

  4. "What an incredible weekend! I feel so much love in my heart from the time spend with Michele and the group. Please don’t miss the opportunity to take this ride with Michele and the like-minded people you will meet there.
    Billy Farr - New York

  5. If you feel drawn to any part of this teaching take it seriously. Read everything, inform yourself as much as possible. Michele gently and carefully takes you through clearing and healing techniques which are necessary especially in this day and age. Then she guides you to the heart and what a precious place it is, there you can not only find your authentic self but peace and a wonderful sense of love for yourself and others as well. What you get back from this workshop is worth twice the price and more.
    Love and Light

  6. For the record I've taken this Workshop four times in another Country and with a different teacher. I must say, by far Michel's ATIH workshop seems to work best for me. One might wonders why I am religiously taking these Workshops over and over. The answer is simple. It's due to an accidents, I had went I was younger. At the time of the incident, I was never checked by a specialist. Although, for the last 8yrs I've been seriously seeing numerous specialist such as chiropractor, massage therapy and Ostiopathic. Among the tree osteopath was more effective. Michele's background as a Reiki master which deals with the subject of pain, and her knowing the roots of my pain she was able to help my body to heal itself. Now, I can say I am 95% better than before. I always knew for some reason I'll will get better with the AITH Workshops. Thanks for all your help and as well as to all the masters that assisted us through the process. I looked forward working with you

    Emmanuel Daniel