JUNE 29th - JULY 15th

Hello from New York 
Back in New York after a few months of workshops around Europe and I would love to see you, to meet, and work with you! 

I had an amazing six (6) months this year. I traveled and taught classes in Portugal and Romania, met with many wonderful people and I am planning some incredible workshops, events, and retreats for the summer.

I am preparing a couple of events in the upcoming weeks and since you expressed interest in the past, I would like to invite you to join me especially.

June 27th  - July 31st 
New York 
Workshop and Private Sessions

 July 28th - JULY 31st
Workshop - 4 DAYS Intensive

June 28th 

Reiki Classes (Certification ICRT)  -                                      
Review Usui Reiki all levels and Practice      

July 2nd  
KARUNA Reiki – Level I          

July 4th  
Celebrate Independence Day with a Reunion of all ATIH Students
July 8th

Healing group sessions  
June 30th     

June 29th 

                                    Meditation Workshop Introduction                                  

July 7th - 10th
Workshop - 4 DAYS Intensive  

SUMMER SOLSTICE - Strawberry Moon ! 

We live in a very interesting time of profound changes. Everything around us is changing. Nothing is the same and nothing will be the same as it was last year, or ten years ago. We are entering a time of tremendous energy transformation. The portals are opening, if we want it or not. Today I talked with some of you and we agreed… Our life has changed and will continue to change fast, dramatically, and it is NOT under our control anymore. It is up to each one of us to understand and become familiar with the new creative energy in our own time, at our own pace. TODAY is a special moment. Summer Solstice STOP, Feel, Create and Go. Something that children would do in an instant and we should do too. Only with the innocence and belief system of a little child we can move forward from our “polluted” mind.
Leave your thoughts, your fears, and all the “games” on the side. Don"t judge. Take a moment today, tonight, and feel in your heart, in love, what makes you happy the most. Feel the gratitude for Mother Earth and the Universe, feel the love you have for yourself and feel the joy that you already have in our life what you desired the most.
Astrologists say that on June 26th we enter the New Planetary Year! A new cosmic wave of Transformational Energy preceding the Big Cosmic Wave! People will receive powerful light energy from the Center of the Galaxy! Are you ready!?
The secret is that we need to learn to connect with that energy, to tolerate it in our physical bodies. Just like a roller-coaster ride! We all just need to be prepared to welcome the change!
Enjoy your meditation.


Love and light from my corner of the Universe

MARCH 16 , 2013

Every time I turn the TV on I see a few commercials related to medication ... Inevitable!!! … And what is the message.. Medicine, medicine, medicine … Do I have a problem, or we are giving our healing power away to drugs?
What happened to our own healing power?  WE ARE CAPABLE of such wonderful things. We CAN HEAL OURSELFS … Have we been brainwashed so much that we lost all of our truest in ourselves???  Everybody can use alternative healing, such as Reiki, the Creation from the heart, meditation, or breathwork  and heal themselves … We have everything we  need .. Why use drugs that have side effects... A PILL IS NOT THE ANSWER...  I talk to people I know well and they just Trust the doctor and the medicine that is given to them..  The doctor can make mistakes… We are taught to believe that a doctor’s world is the ultimate answer. WHY??? They make mistakes just like an accountant or lawyer.. So YOU don’t even explore other possibilities. Why?
I was sad to see close people dying, including my father. They didn’t try another option. Not even TRYING? What is this power holding you back?  Some of us can only open the door.. You, have to walk in and look what is in the store for you. Nothing more... just OPEN your mind, and your heart.
If I can send a cry out to the world it would be... .Look into Alternative healing … YOU can heal yourself.. Don’t give up. There is more to the story … PLEASE!!!! IT IS ALL I CAN DO... NOBODY CAN FORCE YOU, BUT INVITE YOU TO LIVE FOREVER A BEAUTIFUL  LIFE.
Sending Love and Light from my heart.

LINKS I Strongly recommend  that you view before you make your next choice.  
Breathwork – According to Dan Brule

The Power of your Heart – with Gregg Braden

Meditation & Creation from your heart  - Drunvalo Melchizedek. -  Interviews

Reiki Healing  - on Doctor Oz  - the Future of Energy Medicine
Mainstream media coverage of Reiki and energy healing . . . including a brief commentary by Dr. Oz.
Currently used in USA Hospitals … but you don’t hear this in the news ..

Contact me and I will refer you to the right program. Stop spending your money and become addicted to so many drugs with so many side effects.

MARCH 13, 2013

We made it so far... 
What do you think about your feelings, emotions, and actual events of your life TODAY?
Are you happy??? Are you fulfilled with your life as it is? I don't need an answer. Just answer to yourself... 

I decided to start this page because of the questions I receive at every workshop and every meeting I have. 

We want to move forward, but we are afraid. We want to change something, but we are not sure … Where is this coming from? Is our mind really controlling us???
We lived in a program for thousands of years and it is hard to let go. It is hard to turn around and say, “I don’t want this anymore.” It is hard to deny everything we have learned, everything we have been taught by family and school, society and life experience … However this is the time we FEEL for ourselves and wake up to a new reality.
Nobody can do it for you. Nobody can tell you what to do. Nobody can guide you...They can only show you the door, but you need to walk alone into the light of your own path. It takes courage and I wish you have divine inspiration … What is going to guide you? Your very own questions … “Why is this happening to me?”  The moment you realize there is a missing piece in your life and what is that piece ,  everything will click...

I recommend a movie that everyone should watch.
(It is broken if a few parts here, but I know you will enjoy it )

Celestine Prophecy - The book came out about 20 years ago... and it is brilliant... It will bring you where you should be. In a different dimension, love, truth, and living in your heart and in light …

I wish you have a great journey...

Love and light to you ALL.
Michelle Pacheco  

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